Humanizing Humans

I used “humanizing humans” as one of the tags in my previous article and thought, ‘wow, I think that title deserves its own article… or its own blog!’.  It may sound silly at first but I surprised even myself when I was able to think of people who needed to be… more human, or humane towards other people.  This is especially true for many people in the area of customer service and government/public service.

It sucks when you ask help from one of them and they just greet you with a blank stare, a memorized response in a robotic tone, and point you to someone else because they’re too busy making the most of their afternoon breaks.  But given that scenario, I think everyone will agree those people need humanizing, not just some operations training—or better yet, experience harsh discipline in military school.

But let’s hit closer to home—er, our workplace, where you have people (or departments) supporting other people (or departments).  We might have encountered one or two whom we can’t quite approach for anything because they seem to bite, or another who gets the job done but you owe them a burger.  Character development, it seems, plays a big role in humanizing humans.  In includes practicing kindness, being peaceful, sympathetic, humble, being easy to talk to, and having genuine sincerity to help resolve the situation without asking for anything in return.

Isn’t the same kind of treatment needed when we provide service for our clients?  Did we ever reflect within ourselves if maybe we need some humanizing of our own to improve how we deal with people in our workplace?  And it goes both ways for departments that provide support and the departments that ask for it… if you need support, are you demanding or unrealistic with your deadlines?  Do you bark commands at people whom you feel are lower in position than you?

Or how about if you’re the client, do you call your suppliers in the middle of the night, weekends or holidays expecting them to drop what they’re doing and deliver your orders immediately?  Do you ask them to do tedious reports towards the end of the day, or demand that they submit reports by midnight?

The corporate world would be so much better if people treat each other like people, not just some resource, service support, supplier, or all around gopher you’d expect to do things for you.  Consideration, gentleness and outstanding ethics make better relationships, and a sense of responsibility, discipline and focus makes you the professional your clients and colleagues can trust and depend on.

We need more humans in the workplace, genuine people who make up a better environment and a better experience as we go about our daily grind.  It’s amazing how this impacts our efficiency and confidence as workers or managers, and how it contributes to the overall quality of our output.

Maybe you are in a reflective mood after reading this article.  The only question you have to answer now is, “are you human?”


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